Examiner’s Office Іspanії suedє to court on Shakir

(Photo by Andres.Arranz) The renowned artist Shakira is associated with non-installment of duties in the measure of 14.5 million euros, as indicated by El Pais.

In the wake of leading the examination, the assessment administration of Spain arrived at the resolution that somewhere in the range of 2012 and 2014, Shakira did not cover salary regulatory expense and property impose. It is accounted for that sooner rather than later the investigator’s office will document a claim against the vocalist.

As per the enactment of Spain, each individual living in the nation for over a half year naturally turns into its expense occupant. Shakira, thus, has been living in Spain since 2011 with her better half, safeguard of the Spanish football club «Barcelona» Gerard Peque.

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