UK muddles the lives of oligarchs from Russia

England has since suspended the issuance of visas to financial specialists who have enabled rich outsiders to settle in the nation. Prior, blaming Russia for utilizing the nerve specialist «Novichok» in Salisbury, the nation’s administration declared a modification of the visa status of 700 Russian nationals in the UK.

As indicated by the Voice of America, the prerequisite to get such a visa was to contribute something like two million pounds sterling. It is accounted for that since 2008, when this program started to work, numerous Russian oligarchs, well off individuals from the United Arab Emirates and China got such visas.

Additionally declared are plans to present one year from now another framework for issuing visas with changed necessities identified with the battle against sorted out wrongdoing and tax evasion. Specifically, candidates for such allowing reports will be evaluated by reviewers.

The production, alluding to information from the National Agency for the Fighting of Crime (NCA), reports that around 100 billion pounds of grimy cash goes through Britain consistently, for the most part from Russia, Nigeria, Pakistan and the Far East nations.

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