The richest businessman in the world is divorcing his wife

(Photo by Adrian Cadiz / Jeff Bezos, the head of Amazon and the most extravagant specialist on the planet, as indicated by Forbes, said he was separating from his significant other Mackenzie.

In the microblog on Twitter posted an announcement of the life partners Bezos that they chose to remain companions.

«We had an awesome life, similar to a wedded couple, and we have a brilliant future in front of us, similar to guardians, companions, accomplices in different ventures …» — the report says.

Jeff Bezos and Mackenzie Tuttle met in 1992 when they worked in the venture subsidize D.E. Shaw on Wall Street in New York. In 1993, they got hitched and after a year moved to Seattle, where Jeff Bezos established Amazon. The life partners Bezos has four kids: three children and received girl.

Jeff and Mackenzie said they were upbeat to have met one another and are appreciative for every time of their marriage. They likewise focused on that regardless of whether they realized that they would separate in 25 years, they would at present be hitched.

Already, Forbes called Jeff Bezos the most extravagant man on the planet, whose riches is assessed at 139.6 billion dollars.

How the life partners will partition the property until the point when it is determined.

Mackenzie Bezos heads the Bystander Revolution Foundation, which battles provocation in schools. Likewise, she is known as an author.

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