Brazil has crowned the most beautiful criminal

In the ladies’ jail of most extreme security Instituto Penal Talavera of the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro held a stunner challenge among the detainees. Of the many ladies serving time in this establishment, just ten were chosen to take part in the challenge. It was considered how taught the candidates carried on.

The triumph was won by 25-year-old Veronica Verona da Paiva. She conceded that she constantly longed for turning into a model, yet her mom would not permit her. As indicated by the Daily Mail, Veronica was condemned to 15 years in jail for homicide: in 2011, she choked her darling with a belt in a motel room. Amid the preliminary, yes Paiva got the epithet «deadly blonde» from writers.

Recently showed up belle of the ball will make a vocation in the displaying business in the wake of leaving jail. She would like to be at freedom early — for good conduct.

The yearly magnificence challenge in this jail is held for the thirteenth time. Its coordinators trust that it encourages detainees to expand confidence and again feel like ladies in the full feeling of the word.

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