The girl began to conduct a vlog with her disabled boyfriend but ran into a harassment

The couple living in the American city of Minneapolis — Hannah Aylord and Shane Bourkow — have been upbeat together for quite a long while. 26-year-old Shane is handicapped and can move just in a wheelchair from the age of two. He has spinal solid decay. In this innate infection, the musculature is weakened, yet there is no psychological hindrance.

Three years back, Hannah viewed a narrative about Shane’s life and chose to keep in touch with him, communicating reverence for his comical inclination and conceding that she thought of him as sweet. They started to compare, call up, and afterward met face to face. A year ago, darlings started to live respectively. They began a puppy and make arrangements to have youngsters — after Aylord moves on from school.

In the city, Hannah is frequently confused with a sister, a medical caretaker, or notwithstanding for Shane’s mom. Individuals don’t trust that they have a sentimental relationship.

The darlings started to lead a video blog on YouTube — in the desire for breaking generalizations and demonstrating that individuals with incapacities additionally have the privilege to genuine romance. In any case, as per The Sun, 25-year-old Hannah gripes that they were promptly struck by an influx of antagonism from Internet trolls, who call their relationship «strange and sickening» and question the young lady’s psychological wellness. In the meantime, numerous individuals express their help for the couple.

«We will probably standardize handicap and connections, for example, our own,» says Borkou.

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