Tokyo Prosecutor’s Office has formally charged the previous head of Nissan

(Photo by Thesupermat / Wikimedia commons) Tokyo Prosecutor’s Office documented formal charges on two checks to previous head of Nissan auto concern Carlos Ghosn, Kyodo reports.

As per the attorney of the respondent, he will request the arrival of his customer on safeguard. The past application in December was rejected.

Carlos Ghosn and previous individual from the top managerial staff of the organization Greg Kelly were captured on December 19, as the head of Nissan was not associated with announcing the majority of his salary, which, as indicated by the agents, was finished with the assistance of Kelly. The measure of concealed salary in 2010-2017 is evaluated at 8 billion yen (around 71 million dollars). Gon claims that he didn’t mean to hide these assets.

In late December, he should be discharged on safeguard, however he was captured once more, which is across the board in Japan. The reason was the doubt that Gon secured the misfortunes acquired because of private speculation at the organization’s cost. The measure of misfortunes added up to 1.85 billion yen (16.5 million dollars). The examiner’s office speculates that an agent from Saudi Arabia, who purportedly gotten 1.6 billion yen from the automaker (about $ 14 million), assisted the Gonu task with carrying out the activity.

On December 31, Gonu was reached out into guardianship until January 11, while Kelly was discharged on abandon December 25. Today it ended up realized that he had an arranged task, after which he returned home to Tokyo, as requested by the court.

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