American Film Academy reported Oscar chosen people

The chosen people for the Oscar for the best film were «Bohemian Rhapsody», «Dark Panther», «Green Book», «Dark Clanman», «Star was conceived», «Roma», «Power» and «Top choice».

On Tuesday, the American Film Academy reported Oscar chosen people. The full rundown is distributed on the site of the honor.

Among the contenders for the title of best on-screen character Rami Malek for his job in «Bohemian Rhapsody», Christian Bale («Power»), Bradley Cooper («Star was conceived»), Willem Dafoe («On the edge of forever»), Ethan Hawke («Shepherd’s Diary» ) and Viggo Mortensen (The Green Book).

Woman Gaga («Star was conceived»), Glenn Close («Wife»), Olivia Coleman («Favorite»), Jalica Aparisio («Roma») and Melissa McCarthy («Can you pardon me?» ).

The best chief will be looked over Spike Lee («Black Clan Man»), Pavel Pavlikovsky («Cold War»), Adam Mackay («Power»), Alfonso Cuaron («Roma») and Yorgos Lantimos («Favorite»).

Champs in every one of the designations will be declared on February 24.

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