The Historical Museum trusts that their missing symbol was not stolen

(Photo by The State Historical Museum (GIM) trusts that the symbol «The Virgin of Smolensk-Shuiskaya», about the loss of which it wound up known before on Thursday, January 24, was not stolen. This was in a discussion with TASS, said the representative chief of the exhibition hall for stock work, Marina Chistyakova.

«There is a purpose behind energy, suppose, however there is no doubt of any burglary, and I trust it won’t work,» she said.

As indicated by her, presently it is difficult to state that there is no symbol in the historical center’s accumulations by any stretch of the imagination. The assets, including the missing symbol, were transported from the stationary stockpiling, as fixes are occurring there. Three rooms were allotted for impermanent capacity, symbols are put away there «for all intents and purposes in the put away shape» — Chistyakova said in boxes on the racks.

She communicated the expectation that in the wake of checking the assets the symbol will be found. The hunt proceeds. It is important to check the whole gathering — 30 thousand units.

Chistyakova included that after the symbol «Our Lady of Smolensk-Shuyskaya», which should be a piece of the work of the display «Russian North» (opened in the State Historical Museum on December 4), was not found at the place of capacity, the exhibition hall, as recommended by the guidance, educated the Ministry of Culture and law requirement. These were «preventive measures,» she cleared up.

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