Lost city found in South Africa

South African researchers have found on the edges of Johannesburg the remaining parts of a city of the Tswana individuals, lost 200 years prior, reports Science Alert.

Representatives of the University of Witwatersrand reestablished the presence of the city, named Kveneng, with the assistance of dynamic optical frameworks. The city involved a region of ​​about 20 square kilometers, in its inside there were encased regions of 10 thousand square meters. m, which were utilized as pens for domesticated animals.

Altogether, Queneng numbered 800 yards, and its populace was somewhere around 10 thousand individuals. As indicated by researchers, the city existed from the fifteenth century, in the nineteenth century, the occupants left it.

At present, a gathering of stone cabins on the edges of the capital of South Africa has stayed from a substantial city.

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