In Iran more than 30 years, captured 860 columnists

(Photo by © РИА Новости / Сергей Мамонтов) The International Organization of Reporters Without Borders (RSF) charges with reference to the Iranian Ministry of Justice’s advanced document available to its that somewhere around 860 columnists in Iran have been arraigned, captured, detained and now and again executed amid from 1979 to 2009.

As indicated by an announcement distributed on the association’s legitimate site, the RSF held a public interview in Paris on Thursday to share the document available to its, which contains about 1.7 million records of legal techniques. Human rights activists included that they invested a very long time of research, checking the information of this document.

As per the announcement, for every individual in the record his name, date and spot of birth, sex, citizenship, date of capture, allegation, date of decision and sentence are shown. The association includes that the document does not indicate the calling of the captured. Be that as it may, the RSF expressed that it figured out how to distinguish no less than 860 captured proficient and regular citizen columnists. As indicated by human rights activists, among the names showed in the document are notable Iranian columnists, for example, Reza Alijani, Tagi Rahmani and others.

As noted in the record, no less than four expert columnists were executed amid this period. Likewise, as indicated by human rights activists, among the captured columnists are 218 ladies.

The association expressed that most of columnists were denied of their essential rights, they were taboo to procure legal advisors or converse with them, and furthermore to consistently speak with their families. As per the RSF, they were likewise denied of medicinal consideration and abused and tormented.

The association’s general secretary, Christoph Delloire, noticed that Iranian experts expressed that there were no political detainees or columnists in Iranian penitentiaries. He included that the association sends «this state lie» to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet with the goal that Iran can be conveyed to equity.

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