Russian satellite found physical wonders obscure to researchers

This was told by the chief of the Institute of Nuclear Physics of Moscow State University, Mikhail Panasyuk, RIA Novosti reports. As per him, the aftereffects of the bright telescope have surpassed all desires.

The researcher proposed that the gadget found new physical wonders, the nature of which is as yet obscure to science.

«Amid the trip of» Lomonosov «at an elevation of a few several kilometers, we more than once recorded a light» blast «of gigantic power. What’s more, under it everything is perfect, no rainstorms and mists! What causes a «blast» is an open inquiry, «he said.

As indicated by Panasyuk, the whole environment of our planet sparkles in view of blasts of bright radiation. Researchers are as of now acquainted with some of them. These are electrical releases in the mesosphere and thermosphere, called sprites, just as gigantic black out flashes at the highest point of a thundercloud called mythical people.

What’s more, the telescope additionally enrolls different anthropogenic flashes, among them the lights of urban areas, the impact of radio stations on the upper air and others. This keeps researchers from searching for hints of astronomical particles, however they have effectively figured out how to separate such flashes from the marvels they need.

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