In the bowls of the Amazon and Orinoco discovered six new types of fish

In the bowls of the Amazon and Orinoco (South America) discovered six new types of fish. About this paper The Independent.

The revelation has a place with a gathering of researcher from the Field Museum of Natural History, situated in Chicago. They examined tests gathered in the Guiana Shield zone, which incorporates parts of Venezuela, Colombia, and Guyana.

The animals found by them are already obscure to science types of catfish with appendages and spikes on the head, whose bodies are secured with bone plates. Long, they achieve 15 centimeters. As indicated by the scientists, limbs and spikes are expected to ensure themselves and their homes and secure the domain.

Fish are exceptionally delicate to ecological changes, even minor. The primary danger to them, as indicated by researchers, is the escalated improvement of horticulture, deforestation and gold mining, which utilizes different synthetics, just as the devastation of human living space for fish.

The revelation of American researchers is vital in light of the fact that it says that there are as yet numerous obscure animals stowing away in the Amazon bowl and tropical woods. Furthermore, these information can be utilized to create powerful techniques to ensure a locale that is under danger of human development, the scientists said.

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