In Belarus classes were continued in a school where a youngster executed two individuals

(Photo by © Фото : TUT.BY / Максим Гайко) Classes continued at a school in the Belarusian city of Stolbtsy, where a tenth grade understudy killed two individuals and harmed two more, RIA Novosti gave an account of Tuesday in the organization of the instructive establishment.

Prior, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus announced that on Monday a young person at a school in the city of Stolbtsy, situated in the Minsk locale, had wounded the educator and three schoolchildren. The instructor and one of the adolescents kicked the bucket, two additional minors were taken to the medical clinic, they are in stable genuine condition. Before long the suspect was confined, the UK opened a criminal case.

School classes were dropped. On Monday evening, the insightful group finished the assessment of the scene.

«Classes have continued today,» said a school worker.

As per the organization conversationalist, «analysts work with youngsters, both from the region and from Minsk.» in the meantime, the instructive establishment did not determine what number of kids the guardians were hesitant to send to class after what had happened the day preceding. «There are kids in school,» they focused.

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