Australia in the snow seven days before the mid year

In the sloping locales of the conditions of New South Wales and Victoria, the snow layer achieved 10 centimeters.

The climate does not ruin the Australians — in spite of the way that somewhat more than seven days stays in the nation before the late spring (as, for sure, in the whole Southern Hemisphere), a typhoon hit the nation, carrying snowfall with it.

ABC TV channel reports that the rugged areas of the conditions of New South Wales and Victoria are immersed. Here the snow layer in a few spots achieved 10 centimeters.

What’s more, because of solid breezes, whirlwinds achieved 100 km/, 40 thousand inhabitants of the southern states — for the most part Victoria and Queensland — were left without power, and as a result of precipitation, the experts of Tasmania issued a notice about flooding.

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