The Spanish artist constructed a flying saucer

(Photo by @lucio.b97) An old essayist and performer from the Spanish town of Montoedo, the area of Orense, manufactures a flying saucer made of aluminum and methacrylate. This is accounted for by Huffington Post.

The width of the development, on which 87-year-old Lucio Ballesteros is working, is around 18 meters and the weight surpasses a ton. The elderly person trusts that he spent in excess of 100 thousand euros on him.

Because of the absence of motors, the dish does not fly yet, and Ballesteros questions that it will ascend to the air within a reasonable time-frame. In his view, for the start of mankind, it is important to advance profoundly and rationally. He trusts that after that the plate will go to the planet 10/7 referenced in his books.

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