In Thailand many sharks have involved the well known private shoreline

(Photo by © AP Photo / Sakchai Lalit) A video was distributed on which many sharks swim in the waters of the well known Maya Beach on Phi Le Island in Thailand, where the film «The Beach» was shot with Leonardo DiCaprio ahead of the pack job, reports AFP.

As indicated by the distribution, naturalists emphatically appraised shots with many reef sharks in the purplish blue waters of the Maya Bay. Preservationists have noticed this minute as an «indication of recovery» of the island a half year after the restriction on visiting the shoreline.

The shoreline was shut for holidaymakers from June to September, and after that the boycott was expanded uncertainly. The reason is an infringement of the biological equalization and the eradication of corals in the sound because of mass the travel industry. It was accepted that the environment would recoup in a half year, be that as it may, as indicated by specialists, this did not occur. Voyagers are as yet illegal to swim in the narrows.

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