In the Vatican there was a gathering of the Pope of Rome and Konstantin Khabensky

(Photo by © AFP 2018 / Vincenzo Pinto) Pope Roman Francis noticed the significance of the theme brought by Konstantin Khabensky up in his image «Sobibor», at a gathering with the executive and on-screen character on Wednesday in the Vatican, the undertaking’s press benefit reports.

The film «Sobibor» depends on genuine occasions and tells about the just a single amid the historical backdrop of the Second World War an effective uprising in the Nazi concentration camp headed by Soviet officer Alexander Pechersky.

«Father Roman Francis met with the Russian chief and on-screen character Konstantin Khabensky in the Vatican, and his Holiness attracted thoughtfulness regarding the uncommon convenience and significance of the point, and also the way that Konstantin Khabensky chose to take her for her in her presentation film,» the press said in an announcement. — benefit moreover, Khabensky gave the Pope a roman circle with an image.

The world debut of the film occurred on April 23 in Warsaw. For the main Russian show on April 24, they picked the main residence of the hero of the film Alexander Pechersk — Rostov-on-Don. In the huge contract the image turned out on May 3, and on May 9 the image was appeared in Berlin. Notwithstanding Khabensky, the film included Christopher Lambert, Maria Kozhevnikova, Felis Yankel, Mikhail Olshanskaya, Philippe Reinhardt, Gela Meskhi and others.

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