Keti Topuria Can’t Recover After Breaking With Guf

(Photo by Okras) A-Studio soloist Keti Topuria, 32, holds her face energetically. A shocking break with his adored, rapper Guf, as indicated by his visa Alexey Dolmatov, for the vocalist — an unhealed injury. Guf lived with Topuria and in the meantime played a sentiment with a 18-year-old young lady from Yekaterinburg.

Be that as it may, Katie Topuria’s mother investigated the water. She would not like to find out about the new cherished little girl and his dull past. Guf himself admitted — he is a previous medication fiend, he was over and again confined by the police and the State Drug Control Service.

Topuria herself made blushing arrangements for living respectively with the rapper, despite the fact that sweethearts regularly fought, made up and separated once more. Be that as it may, in the breaks Guf did not endure — he discovered comfort in the arms of various admirers.

Topuria herself guarantees that representative Lev Geihman never deceived her previous spouse. Also, she began dating Guf after the separation. For this situation, the artist says that to wed Geihman left extraordinary love. At a wedding in a tip top eatery on Rublevka, the entire the stage was strolling, and the toastmaster was Maxim Galkin himself. Cheerful love birds showered with flower petals, Topuria for the night changed two dresses. At the feast specialist spent in excess of 10 million rubles. This festival was perceived as the most costly wedding of the year. The vocalist guaranteed to bring forth her significant other four kids. Three years prior, their first girl, Olivia, became exposed — the couple liquefied far from delicacy to the infant, and yet they turned out to be increasingly more removed from one another.

Kati Topuria: «It simply happened by one way or another, a couple of years passed, and we chilled off. They understood that something wasn’t right, they chose to separate, yet they didn’t shout about it. »

Topuria guarantees: with a specialist they separated as companions, together they raise little girl Olivia and don’t move into one another’s spirit. In the meantime, Katie says that her little girl Olivia and a firearm shot won’t enable her to enter the big time. On the off chance that the artist were obscure, her own life would not be intriguing to anybody, and the artist would not need to rationalize a person who acted untrustworthily.

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