In the United States they sold the letter of the ex-president for the crazy money

The United States sold the letter of previous US president Abraham Lincoln routed to his cousin by the name of his significant other amid the war.

The archive is a mandate of the sixteenth leader of the state not to seek after the Craig family, who amid the Civil War were compelled to leave their manor in Arkansas, since they were slaveholders.

«Mr. what’s more, Mrs. Craig of Arkansas, whose estate, situated on the Mississippi River a couple of miles beneath Helen, was crushed amid the ebb and flow war, requesting that they enable them to come back to re-possess and develop the assigned ranch.

I need them to be permitted to do as such and that the United States powers in the zone don’t stick to them and not enable them to be indicted until the said Mr. what’s more, Mrs. Craig remain regular folks of the United States, «says Lincoln, which he sent to Craigam for Christmas in 1863.

The first record was put away for quite a while in Raab Collection, after which it was sold for 60 thousand dollars to a unidentified purchaser from the northwest of the United States.

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