In Australia in excess of 20 individuals were harmed because of toxic jellyfish

Around 22 individuals got consumes toxic jellyfish «Irukandzhi» in Australia, the TV channel SBS.

It occurred in Queensland in the north-east of the nation, said the media. Every one of the exploited people were hospitalized.

As indicated by the Australian jellyfish consumes directing administration, this time the quantity of unfortunate casualties is more than double the normal for a long time.

Moreover, from December 1, 2018 to January 7, 2019, more than 22.2 thousand individuals diverted to specialists after consumes from the siphonophore «Portuguese ship».

Medusa «irukandzhi» no bigger than peanuts, however its limbs are very long and can achieve one meter. The consume of this jellyfish causes an individual agony all through the body, sickness, constrictions, high fever and anxious issue.

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