In Russia the wolf attacked the child

In Russian Chelyabinsk, the issue of strolling creatures without a gag has achieved another dimension: a wolf was taken to the recreation center for a walk. Having felt opportunity, the predator assaulted a youngster who was strolling close-by.

Observers taped on camera as a wolf snatched the kid’s leg, the kid lay and shouted, and the grown-ups attempted to pull the predator far from its prey.

The episode occurred on January sixth. As the wolf proprietor Sergei Panasenko clarified, his pet name is Woland, he strolls each day in the recreation center and enables the children to beat their feelings of dread. The proprietor of Woland considers himself an educational analyst for youngsters and advances zootherapy — close correspondence among kids and the wolf.

Remarking on the wolf’s assault on the tyke, Panasenko communicated certainty that the predator was just playing. As per the man, the kid’s mom herself drove the infant to Woland, with the goal that the child learned not to fear creatures.

Notwithstanding Woland, Panasenko contains different creatures, and a man sees video disseminated on the Internet as a commercial.

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