An employee of the Beijing Pedagogical Institute beat his children with a hammer

The subtleties of the episode in Beijing have turned out to be known. It is accounted for that a striker at a student at one of the schools in Beijing was a specialized staff individual from this instructive establishment. The term of the business contract was finished, and the administration chose not to proceed — in his place it was chosen to discover another worker. The man was irate — he took a sledge and chose to toss outrage at the kids.

As indicated by the press administration of the capital city of Sichin, the striker was a 49-year-old local of the Chinese north-eastern territory of Heilongjiang under the name of Jia. He assaulted at 11:17 neighborhood time. 20 understudies at Xu’an Elementary School in the Sichuan District of Beijing City have endured. Every one of them were hospitalized. Three were stacked in a troublesome condition. In any case, as indicated by specialists, their life does not compromise anything.

One of the specialists at the healing center, where the harmed understudies were sent, wrote in their record at Weibo that the nursing staff had done everything conceivable to spare the youngsters, even a few different tasks were conveyed forward.

The guilty party was confined on the spot.

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