US police asked for DNA tests of Ronaldo blamed for assault

(Photo by Ludovic Péron) The Las Vegas Police Department announced that it sent a demand to the experts in Italy to give DNA tests of the football player Cristiano Ronaldo, who was blamed for assault in the US, composes Newsweek.

It is noticed that the legal counselors of the football player affirmed the data about sending the demand, focusing on that Ronaldo rejects the allegation of assault and cases that the occurrence was by common assent.

Show Catherine Mayorga blames a football player for assault, which, as per her, Ronaldo submitted in Las Vegas in the late spring of 2009. The young lady got a compensation in the measure of 375 thousand dollars in the wake of consenting to a non-revelation arrangement with Ronaldo’s legal advisors. Notwithstanding, in the fall of this current year, the model uncovered the subtleties of the occurrence and the police continued the case.

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