In Bashkiria a youngster left tied in the woodland as a result of the burglary of the telephone

(Photo by Андрей Хорошавин / АиФ) Two occupants of Bashkortostan are blamed for abducting a 13-year-old kid, whom they associated with taking the telephone, the provincial organization of the TFR reports.

The episode happened in October a year ago. 40-year-elderly person fixed a vehicle close to the house and found the vanishing of his cell phone. He went to the police and blamed for taking a 13-year-old neighbor.

At that point a man with his companion got back home to the kid and endeavored to constrain him to admit to the burglary.

The youngster cannot, after that he was taken to the woodland manor, attached to a tree, put a muffle in his mouth and left.

The kid could free himself and returned home, his gatekeepers went to the police.

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