In Saudi Arabia a cab driver was hauled out of a vehicle and decapitated the six-year-old child of a traveler

In Saudi Arabia, in the Muslim heavenly city of Medina, an awful wrongdoing happened. The cab driver hauled his six-year-old traveler’s child out of his vehicle and executed him before his mom.

As indicated by fundamental information, the homicide was totally persuaded by religious scorn. The cab driver likely asked the lady heading off to the Mosque of the Prophet Mohammed on the off chance that she was a Shiite, and got an agreed answer. From that point onward, the driver halted the vehicle, hauled out of it, regardless of the calls of the traveler, little Zakaria Al-Jaber, broke a glass container and cut the kid’s throat with a fragment, for all intents and purposes isolating the head from the body. And furthermore angered the kid a couple of more wounds. In the meantime, as indicated by the Daily Mail, the mother of the infant and the cop who was close-by attempted to counteract enthusiasts, however without any result. Lady blacked out from stun.

As per starter information, the attacker, who was captured on the spot, experienced mental confusion.

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