In Mexico found the assemblages of five dead policemen

The assemblages of the five cops of the district of Tusantla were found on Monday morning inside the vehicle in the domain of the region of Zitacuaro of the province of Michoacan, reports Excelsior entryway.

The police were kidnapped by obscure offenders on February 4 from Tusantla when they went to their work move. Amid the week they were accounted for missing.

The investigators who landed at where the bodies were discovered that various discharge wounds had caused the passing of the police. Beside the assemblages of the executioner left a message of obscure substance.

Michoacan, considered one of the key states in medication dealing from South America to the United States, is constrained by two criminal gatherings — the Family of Michoacan and the Knights of the Knights Templar cartel, which in mid 2011 isolated from the Family. A wild battle for ranges of prominence unfurled between them, to which the Los Setas and Jalisco-New Generation cartels later joined.

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