A Chechen occupant who experienced a catastrophic event stole 2 million rubles

(Photo by Генеральная прокуратура РФ) In Chechnya, a criminal case has been opened into the robbery of in excess of two million rubles from an occupant of the town of Kurchaloy who experienced the fiasco, the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation reports.

The case was started by the aftereffects of the review, which was directed by the republic’s Prosecutor’s Office. Over the span of it, it was built up that an occupant of the Chechen town had lost her home amid a cataclysmic event — it was decimated. The injured individual got a lodging endorsement from the state, however did not utilize it inside as far as possible set up by law. The aggressors exploited her circumstance. They deceitfully got from her the fundamental archives and intensity of lawyer to perform lawfully critical activities and with their assistance stole in excess of two million rubles, which were granted to her, prominent in the supervisory specialist.

As determined in the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation, a criminal case was opened under the article «Extortion on an expansive scale.» The investigator’s office of Chechnya took it under exceptional control.

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