In the Russian air terminal the plane smashed with travelers there are harmed

In Russia, at the air terminal of Barnaul, a crisis happened with the Ural Airlines plane. Exactly when the travelers entered the air ship, the plane all of a sudden fallen. Six travelers tumbled from a five-meter stature.

The snapshot of breakdown of the stepping stool hit the video. It is obviously discernible that the highest stage of the lift crumbled, contiguous the exit from the airplane. Those travelers who were remaining on the arrival endured.

Hospitalization was required for four travelers. They have cracks of the appendages. The spouse of one of the unfortunate casualties associates his better half with a spinal break — after the crisis, the lady was on the ground, and different travelers fell over her.

After the occurrence, nearby aeronautics specialists state that the stepping stool was as of late checked and there were no disappointments. Observers, thusly, saw peculiarities even at the arrival arrange: travelers were permitted to load onto the plane in little gatherings. The one that was nearest to the liner fell.

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