The leader of Dubai will pay 15 million obligation vacationers from Russia

Sheik Dubai, UAE Prime Minister Mohammed container Rashid Al Maktoum reported his aim to help a Russian traveler who couldn’t leave the nation: a lady was charged for 15 million rubles in a private facility, where her mom kicked the bucket.

The leader of Dubai reported his craving to help the Russian lady as a motion of mankind. He will pay the receipt issued by the specialists, which will permit 34-year-old Anastasia Popova to get the mother’s body and leave the nation.

Sheik likewise declared his goal to pay for the transportation of the body of the perished and tickets for her relatives.

As detailed, the 57-year-old emergency vehicle supervisor Natalia Popova went to rest in the Emirates with her girl and two granddaughters.

One day she all of a sudden felt terrible and just figured out how to disclose to her little girl about it, as she lost cognizance. Specialists discovered aortic burst. A few centers declined to regard the patient as miserable, however one private doctor’s facility in the long run consented to experience medical procedure. At that point extra administrations were required. In spite of the considerable number of endeavors of the specialists, the patient kicked the bucket.

Anastasia said that the specialists charged for administrations rendered in the measure of $ 228 thousand, yet the insurance agency did not pay the bill and did not react to demands by any stretch of the imagination.

Until the snapshot of paying the bill, the Russian lady is illegal to leave the United Arab Emirates, and furthermore the body of the perished can’t be conveyed to their country. Anastasia said that just kids figured out how to return — her significant other went to the UAE and took the young ladies.

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