Educator and ex-finalist «Miss USA» captured for tainting a 15-year-old kid

The previous belle of the ball Ramsey Biers was captured in the United States. Birs, 28, faces a fine of more than 100 thousand dollars and up to 20 years in jail for defilement of a minor and the spread of disgusting material. As it ended up known, Birs, a teacher, sent his half-bare storehouses to a 15-year-old understudy, and sent him instant messages of a sexual sort. This proceeded for a while — from August to October this year. The guardians of the kid, who inadvertently discovered profane pictures in his telephone, were educated by the police. Hitched Birs has just conceded her blame.

As indicated by The Sun, in the year 2014 Ramsey Carpenter, who experiences different sclerosis, won the Miss Kentucky title, which enabled her to participate in the Miss USA Missouri National Beauty Contest in 2015. There she entered the twelve best, awing the judges with her play on the violin. In a meeting she said that she constantly longed for turning into an instructor of junior evaluations. In 2016, Ramsey changed his surname subsequent to wedding Charles Byrs. At present, a lady is suspended from work at school — until every one of the conditions of the case have been illuminated. She was discharged to preliminary on safeguard.

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