In Serbia a large number of individuals turned out to challenge the arrangement of the specialists

(Photo by © REUTERS / Marko Djurica) In the capital of Serbia, on Saturday, the fifth mass dissent of subjects against the strategy of the specialists of the nation, a few thousand individuals left in the city of Belgrade, reports RIA Novosti.

Challenge activities in Serbia last over multi month. The purpose behind the beginning of dissents was the assault on Borislav Stefanovich, the pioneer of the Levits restriction gathering, and two of his partners in the town of Krushevats on November 23, amid which Stefanovich was guillotined to blood. The Interior Ministry at that point wrote about the capture of suspects, notwithstanding, the restriction blamed the experts for accepting political viciousness.

The dissidents request the renunciation of the leader of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Nebushi Stefanovich, five minutes of communicate on national TV, the arrangement of the media space of the restriction and the examination concerning the death of Oliver Ivanovich, Serbian legislator, on January 16 a year ago in Kosovo. They likewise demand enhancing the circumstance of beneficiaries and the straightforwardness of budgetary assets.

The challenges were hung on Saturday in the urban areas of Kragujevac and Nish, the accompanying exhibitions are planned on January 10 in the city of Kurushima, January 11 in Nis and January 25 in Novi Sad.

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