The leader of the Turkish region out of the blue can be an ethnic Russian

(Photo by Stuart Wainstock / Ethnic Russian Anastasia Petrova Cetinkaya will keep running for the post of leader of the region in the Alanya region in the Turkish territory of Antalya.

As indicated by the Anadolu Agency, whenever chose, it will end up being the main Russian to be going by the metropolitan group of Turkey.

Cetinkaya lives in Alanya since 2010, said the media. A year prior, a 35-year-elderly person got Turkish citizenship.

«I have the important experience, arranged the Program of Action and shaped my group. Ethnicity is definitely not a short for me. We are prepared to work for the sake of Antalya, «said Chetinkaya.

In the event that she wins the decision, she intends to create the travel industry in Alanya. Cetinkaya cleared up that advancement, effectiveness enhancement and arranging are key needs of her program.

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