Trump and Kim Jong-un’s gathering to be examined at Panmunjom

(Photo by KCNA) The American and North Korean sides will meet at the Panmunjom arranging point on the outskirt of the DPRK and South Korea to examine arrangements for the forthcoming gathering of the pioneers of Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un.

This is the office Yonhap, alluding to information sources. Most likely, the exchanges will start on Monday.

«The date and place of the arrangements of the DPRK and the United States have not yet been reported, but rather right now Panmunjom is the no doubt put for exchanges,» said the office conversationalist.

Another source in strategic circles said that the arrangements on the planning of the summit could last over one day. Prior to the second summit of the United States and the DPRK, numerous issues should be talked about, he noted.

It is additionally realized that US Special Representative for North Korea Steve Bigen will partake in the dealings as a component of the American assignment.

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