In Belgium there was a conflict among supporters and adversaries of Saakashvili

In Belgium, there was a conflict among supporters and adversaries of the previous Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili, the Georgian First Channel detailed.

Supporters of the Georgian party «Joined National Movement» in the city of Liege utilized pepper splash against vagrants in dissent to keep them from meeting with Saakashvili.

Saakashvili and his previous United National Movement party regularly meet with Georgian vagrants in different European urban communities. This time the gathering in Belgium started with the conflict of supporters and adversaries of Saakashvili.

A few adversaries of Saakashvili held a show at the passageway to the building, the other part intended to dissent inside also, however the gatekeepers pushed them to the exit. The rally members propelled notices with the words: «Misha, leave,» «No to Nazism!»

Nonconformists and supporters of the previous Georgian president traded expressions in a raised voice, there was a conflict. Pictures from the scene were communicated by Georgian TV organizations.

«The supporters of the National Movement did not enable the vagrants to touch base in the lobby and utilized pepper splash. One individual was harmed,» Channel One composed on his site.

The resistance TV organization «Rustavi 2» guarantees that the dissent was arranged ahead of time, and the Georgian exceptional administrations conveyed the rivals to Belgium.

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