In Belgium «yellow vests» assaulted the home of the previous executive

(Photo by In the Belgian city of Mons, members in the show of «yellow vests» assaulted the place of the previous Prime Minister of Belgium, the ex-city hall leader of this region and the director of the French-speaking Socialist Party of the nation, Elio Di Rupo, Interfax composes.

On February 9, around 100 individuals arranged a conflicting challenge, which transformed into activities that disregarded open request. In addition to other things, marchers tossed sparklers into the letter drop of Di Rupo’s home.

Due to the agitation, the nearby police needed to bring in fortifications — government police powers.

Multi day after the episode, city police announced that the activities of the dissidents made harm the government official’s family unit and that on February 10, 38 managerial captures of the nonconformists were made.

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