US needs to truly extend its military nearness in Poland

The United States, in line with Warsaw, expects to fundamentally extend its military nearness in Poland, said the US represetative to the Republic, Georgette Mosbacher.

In a meeting with the Financial Times, she said that the US Department of Defense sees the military in the 21st century, essentially as progressively portable and with more prominent rotational potential. In the meantime, she included that increasingly American troops would be in Poland.

Agreeing Mosbakher, the quantity of US military in the nation will surpass a couple of hundred. She noticed that Washington asked different states «to share the weight of military spending and raise them to 2% of GDP, and they whine, however the Poles are definitely not.» The representative focused on that the United States regards this and communicated the feeling that the Poles «will be remunerated.» in the meantime, the diplomat did not say anything regarding the US lasting base in Poland.

On Tuesday, Polish Foreign Minister Yacek Chaputovich and US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo talked about the extension of the US military nearness in the republic. Chaputovich focused on that the exchanges affirmed the likeness of the two states’ objectives in outside strategy, specifically in issues of security.

Today, an American tank detachment of about 3.5 thousand individuals is conveyed on a rotational premise in Poland. Likewise on the region of the republic is a global NATO force of around a thousand military faculty.

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