Pope reacted to the message of Maduro

(Photo by Max Rossi / Reuters) Pope Francis sent a reaction message to the President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro. As indicated by the Milan paper Corriere della Sera, the pontiff’s letter was composed on February seventh.

It is noticed that in the message the minister tends to the conversationalist «dear Mr. Maduro», without utilizing «president». Pope Francis kept in touch with the Venezuelan government official that he was «profoundly stressed over the circumstance» and «the enduring of the sublime Venezuelan individuals.»

Notwithstanding, the pontiff reminded his conversationalist that endeavors to discover an exit from the emergency in Venezuela had recently been made ordinarily, however they all finished in disappointment. «What was concurred amid the gatherings was not proceeded in solid signals on the execution of the assentions,» the Pope of Rome stresses. He included that he bolstered just such a discourse, in which the gatherings «put the benefit of everyone over some other interests.»

Delegates of the Italian media compose that the letter of Pope Francis can be called mindful, since the pontiff is attempting to take an unbiased position in this emergency.

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