Merkel resigns

The congress of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), the main party in the decision alliance, started today in Hamburg. Among the numerous issues on the motivation there is one that pulls in the consideration of the entire world to the gathering congress. Representatives must choose another executive of the gathering. Angela Merkel, who heads the CDU for over 18 years, does not keep running for this post.

A few Pretendentov, yet the top picks for the post of pioneer partyynoho javljajutsja Secretary General of the CDU-Karrnbauэr Annehret Crump, bыvshyy executive of the CDU Parliamentary group Friedrich Merz Minister of Health and deystvuyuschyy Jens punks. Shpan speaks to the piece of the CDU, which is disappointed with Merkel’s approach. Merz and Kramp-Carrnbauer are viewed as her partners. It will rely upon who will win from the three, regardless of whether Fra Merkel will stay on the post of the Federal Chancellor until the following parliamentary race or will be compelled to leave.

The quantity of the congress is 1001 representatives. To choose a contender for the administration of the gathering, a flat out greater part of votes must be chosen to any hopeful. On the off chance that in the first round none of the contenders will accomplish such help, at that point the second round will be applicants who have taken the first and second places.

Casting a ballot will be held entirely classified. To do this, each agent got an uncommon cardboard set, which, when unveiled, transforms into an individual voting booth shielded from incidental eyes.

The German media reports that the last aftereffects of the vote and the name of the new executive of the CDU will wind up known simply after 15:00 neighborhood time (16:00 Kiev time).

The plan is likewise a report by Angela Merkel. How about we remind, she denied the post of administrator of gathering toward the finish of October on the foundation of genuine contradictions inside the CDU and inside the decision alliance.

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