In Paris open conflicts of «yellow vests» with the police started

(Photo by © РИА Новости, Ирина Калашникова) In Paris, the principal conflicts between the members of the «yellow vests» move with the police made place; right now, about a large portion of a thousand people have been confined, reports Le Figaro.

Specialists call attention to that the quantity of those captured far surpassed the figure in the meantime on December 1.

The watchmen of lawfulness propelled the main poisonous gas projectiles, encompassing the dissenters.

«Yellow vests» intermittently advance toward the police, singing Marseillaise or yelling «Macron’s renunciation.»

In the interim, the «yellow vests» obstruct the toll parkway Villefranche-sur-Saone, resting on the roadway and meddling with the entry.

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