Mexican President will return some portion of his compensation to the financial plan

(Photo by © AP Photo / Marco Ugarte) Leader of Mexico Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said on Tuesday that he would return some portion of his first compensation to the financial plan.

As indicated by him, he got in excess of 76 thousand pesos (3.8 thousand dollars), of which 22,3 thousand (1,1 thousand dollars) will be returned back. As clarified by Lopez Obrador, the initial segment of his compensation was paid in 15 days in December as indicated by the old law, which does not consider the decrease of the pay of the head of state.

«I was advanced, yet this (installment) was characterized by the old law. As indicated by the progressions made by the reserve funds plan, I need to get 53,846.30 pesos, so I will return 22,313.29 pesos,» the president said at his conventional every day public interview.

Lopez Obrador additionally approached different authorities to stick to this same pattern and restore the excessive charge of their pay rates to the legislature for December.

Prior, Lopez Obrador cut himself off for work, leaving just 40% of what his ancestor Enrique Peña Nieto got in multi month, to be specific, 108,000 pesos (around 5,300 dollars).

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