The leader of the Japanese Olympic Committee associated with defilement

(Photo by ERIC GAILLARD / Reuters) In France, charges of defilement have been brought against the leader of the Olympic Committee of Japan, Tsunekadzu Takeda, Le Monde composes.

As indicated by the examination, the triumph of Japan in the decisions of the Olympic capital 2020, which occurred in 2013, was the aftereffect of «mystery managing an account activities.» According to specialists, Takeda gave the thumbs up for two cash moves in the measure of 1.8 million euros to the record of the Singapore organization Black Tidings. Afterward, these assets were exchanged to Pope Massat Diak, who was at that point blamed for defilement in the IAAF case.

On the eve of the vote, Diak met with delegates of African nations that are individuals from the IOC to persuade them to vote in favor of Japan. Therefore, Tokyo figured out how to beat the challenge.

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