Chelsea safeguard apologized for the devastating annihilation of his club

(Photo by Виталий Тимкив / РИА Новости) The safeguard of the London football club «Chelsea» Cesar Aspilicueta remarked on the real annihilation of the group in the match with «Manchester City» and considered this misfortune the most noticeably bad minute in his football profession, reports RIA Novosti.

On February 10, the London club lost to the Manchester City footballers with a devastating 0: 6 score in the 26th round match of the English Championship. For Chelsea, this thrashing was the biggest in the course of recent years.

The footballer conceded that the group played ineffectively. «We committed errors that can not be made in such matches. We realized that we had a standout amongst the best groups before us and that it would be troublesome, «noted after the gathering of Aspilicueta. Likewise, the football player conceded that he was frustrated and he felt frustrated about the enthusiasts of his club.

Right now, Chelsea Football Club is in 6th spot in the standings with 50 in the piggy bank. Manchester City has 65 and is the pioneer of the English Championship.

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