CSKA frightfully missing Wernbloom

(Photo by Carlos Rodrigues/Getty Images) For a while now we have caught wind of the rebuilding of CSKA and a substantial number of youthful football players — this is valid. Now and again, the group of Viktor Goncharenko demonstrates a decent training football, however these fragments are just set off continuously and hours when CSKA incorporates a youngster with an unusual character and conduct. The circumstance could have standardized quicker if steadiness had happened in the key zone for the group. Be that as it may, it isn’t yet.

The most entertaining that CSKA accurately recognized this key position when working in the exchange advertise. Beginners were chosen in the group not by good examples of players who have officially played for the «armed force group». Aside from one position. CSKA was certainly searching for a protective midfielder, comparable in attributes to Pontus Wernbloom — a diligent player who fills the voids while assaulting an adversary in the last third. Much all the more fascinating is that the entire club got into an inquiry: Yaka Biyol is only the midfielder of such a good example, however he was not fortunate with wounds, and along these lines, CSKA has not yet standardized its football, has not made it more develop.

Victoria scored two comparable objectives for CSKA. In the main case, after the flanking path, the ball experienced the whole punishment region into the second pace with next to zero obstructions — Ivan Oblyakov, who formally needed to take part in making such a hindrance, just tragically watched the ball fly into the objective after Prokhazka’s cumbersome strike. In the second case, a similar go with Paz to the second pace prompted a corner, which finished in a disaster for CSKA — Goncharenko’s group is relatively out of the European Cup with two legs.

Furthermore, here it is irritating this isn’t an inadvertent fortuitous event of conditions — two objectives of comparable beginning originated from regularities. After Wernblum leaves, CSKA permits 1.6 hits more in circumstances when the ball goes through the zone of the second pace. It is symptomatic this happens frequently with groups that blow up the pace — either on the grounds that it is only quicker (in the Champions League), or in light of the fact that the rival is mediocre in the score (in the RPL). When this should bring enormous inconvenience.

Look here. The match with Krasnodar, the rival loses, bit by bit builds the pace, to which CSKA reacts by moving back. Be that as it may, the supporting zone isn’t simply void — you can run two different groups into it and organize their match in this area under very agreeable conditions. Yuri Gazinsky hurls his hands, meaning that the ball basically should contact him — and he will reach. Following two or three seconds, Gazinsky will punch — from the punishment zone, without obstruction, extremely unsafe, yet a little off target. Here CSKA was excused.

Victoria, with all due regard to her, is a center dimension contender. The issues that emerged with the amusement in such circumstances, could demonstrate, for instance, «Wings of the Soviets», however they were not fortunate. In any case, it occurred with the Czechs. What’s more, it occurred, shockingly, in an imperative counterpart for the CSKA spending plan.

CSKA drove a complex of components to such a disappointment from a remarkable vernblumnozavisimosti — damage to supplant him a player, damage to Bistrovich, who together with another focal midfielder could give the important volume, an aggregate group alteration. Be that as it may, harvest time encouraged this development group an imperative exercise: having plan A, very much worked out via preparing and exchange work, you have to keep for possible later use a similarly tight arrangement B on the off chance that everything turns out badly.

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